About Me

About Me

I am really passionate about product and service design, especially those that push the boundaries of how a person interacts with the digital realm. I love the complexity of working with people, processes and technologies to deliver solutions to real problems.

My wealth of experience comes from years of designing products from the idea stage all the way to market launch. My most notable strengths revolve around process design and breaking down seemingly chaotic problems into elegant solutions. Years of working in resource-limited startup businesses has taught me how to stay out of the feature trap and get straight to the core problems and the value that the solution needs to offer. More importantly, I’ve learned how to effectively work with people in a variety of technical and non-technical backgrounds, and how to communicate complex ideas in very simple ways.

Inspiration comes from many sources, and often I have projects that I work on at home that are not related to what I do at work. Most recently I’ve been working on a variety of food producing gardens, both low-tech and high-tech, with the aim of producing at least 50% of my family’s yearly consumed food at home. 

You’ll find me very easy-going, open-minded and able to deliver. I hope we have a chance to work on something cool together!



Getting in Touch

Feel free to get in touch with me if you’re interested in collaborating on a project together, or if you have some interesting employment opportunities to discuss. 


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